Webinar: The Art of Innovation

From : Jun 3, 2020 2:00:00 PM To : Jun 3, 2020 3:30:00 PM Venue : Zoom Webinar

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Webinar: The Art of Innovation

The Art of Innovation


You want to innovate, but what does that mean?


Join our free webinar on Wednesday, June 3rd at 2 pm ET to learn how to leverage innovation to create a more successful business.

  • Learn what the culture of innovation looks like
  • Process information and trends with an innovation mindset
  • Take your creativity to the next level



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Presentation Outline:

In this presentation, Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile, will teach participants how to practice the science of creativity in everyday life and business practice. You will also learn how to implement innovation not just into your business but even broader how to implement innovation into all areas of our life. Are you ready to take the path less taken?

Learn how to embrace and implement the culture of innovation as whole and how to make it a part of your business and entire team.


Learning Objectives

• Participants will learn the importance of embracing and nurturing the culture of innovation in their life and business practice (Innovation vs Invention, you can’t invent every day, but you can innovate every day)

• How to process info and trend signs in the mindset of an innovator (5 steps)

• Participants will be able to capture, gather and process knowledge, drivers and other research materials.

• Participants will learn the science behind creativity and how to improve their own.


In its purest sense, invention can be defined as the creation of a product or introduction of a process for the first time. Innovation, on the other hand, occurs if someone improves on or makes a significant contribution to an existing product, process or service.


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Meet Our Speaker

Speaker: Feras Irikat


Feras Irikat participated internationally on creating and identifying color macro and trends. He is the Director of Design and Marketing for Lunada Bay Tile, a leader in the design and production of handcrafted glass, stone, metal, wood and ceramic tiles. His specialties include designing tile collections of all mediums.

Irikat holds a B.A. in Interior Design and M.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences from San Francisco State University where he also did advanced graduate work and research in Color Theory and Color Psychology. His expertise in color theory and color psychology enables him to design and mix color palettes effectively and help to define and guide color trends in tile and home design.


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The Art of Innovation Webinar is eligible for one CEU basic credit.

Course Code: CEU-107951

Subject Code: 1. Theory & Creativity, 2. Design Creativity

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