The difference between gray, grey, warm grey, beige, greige, and taupe

The difference between gray, grey, warm grey, beige, greige, and taupe

I really wanted to share Anne-Marie’s 10 Rooms blog with you guys because it does such a great job at explaining the differences between GREY, BEIGE, AND GREIGE.  Click the link above for details.

Below is a summary of her blog:

  1. Definition of GREY: black + white = grey or black + white + green/blue/purple = grey. 
  2. Definition of BEIGE: 
    white + red & or yellow + a little blue = beige.
  3. Definition of GREIGE: white + black + red & or yellow + perhaps a little blue = greige
  4. If it’s cool, with a blue, purple, or green tint, it’s a GREY.
  5. If it’s warm, with a red, orange or yellow undertone visible, it’s a BEIGE.
  6. And if it’s warm, but contains black, it’s a GREIGE (or as so many people say, a warm grey)

I guess I liked sharing the formulas since I have an engineering background, the equations help me visualize the color combinations! 🙂

Have a great early weekend!


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