Playlist of the Week – School House Rock

Week of October 5th, 2020

Music does so much – it moves us, speaks to us, motivates us. But it’s also a great tool for learning! In honor of this week’s World Teachers Day, we’ve hand-picked some tunes the not only rock, but might just teach you something!

Your commute to school (or wherever you’re headed) on these Fall mornings might look vastly different than in years past. A couple adjustments to the dining room table and suddenly your commute to your morning coffee just also became your learning destination. Or perhaps you’re one who needs to get out of the house, spending your days at the local library or a small learning pod. Whether it’s a 10 step walk or 30 minute drive to your socially-distant learning space, we’ve got the playlist for you. Enjoy your coffee and press shuffle as you get ready to tackle a new day, whether it’s the first day of 3rd grade or celebrating your 30th year at work!

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