Playlist of the Week – Working From Home

Week of August 10th, 2020

This Fall, things slowly enter a “new normal” as life seemingly carries on through our post-pandemic world. Your favorite pumpkin spice latte might be handed to you from a longer distance, or perhaps you’re now a Zoom pro, master of working from home in a time when uncertainty is imminent.

Whatever changes you expect to see in your life this Fall, we’re here to provide perhaps the most important part — the soundtrack. Catered for those confined to their homes for the immediate future, working from the same space you thought you’d never get sick of. Have no fear, our playlist is here! Featuring some classics you’ll sing out loud while nobody is around, and some thoughtful tuns for those long, drawn-out periods of thought, such as “I can’t believe I’m living in 2020”, and “My future grand-kids won’t believe this one in the history books”. Whatever it may be, enjoy our tunes while life certainly marches forward into the future, and better times ahead.

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