Week of April 13, 2020 – Easter

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Easter and Spring are celebrations of rebirth. Since ancient times, we have celebrated the coming of Spring with feasts much like the Easter Traditions of today. Just as some of these traditions have experienced an annual rebirth for the Easter holiday, this week’s Top 5 Designs feature some holy sites that have undergone their own rebirth through design and repurpose. Check it out!

1. The Endless Possibilities of Creativity

Traditional Become Modern Homes, Design Milk

Converted from a Victorian-style church, this London home truly offers best-in-show design as the Modern décor and color palette are effortlessly blended with the church’s wooden beams and delicate stained-glass windows. Check out some more ways the church space has been outfitted to suit the needs of a home.

2. Gothic Revival Turned Contemporary Chic

An 1880s- Era Church Turned Vacation Home in Ontario, Design Sponge

With its Gothic external appearance, individuals may write-off this Canadian church renovation off as drab; however, on the inside, this home truly springs to life. With its pleasant color scheme and combination of textures, this home moves the spirit in its own way. Browse through some more rooms for some updated space inspiration.

3. One Communal Space to Another

Los Angeles church transformed into The Ruby Street co-working and event space, dezeen

Churches have always served as rallying points for communities to come together and pray. When taken away, they often leave a void that can be difficult to fill. This California community is fortunate as what used to be a space of worship, has transformed into a contemporary office and event space that redefines office décor. Check it out to see why.  

4. No Need to Stress this Easter

Easter decorating ideas to celebrate the spring weekend, Homes & Gardens

Though holidays are accompanied by joyous times, the preparation and design can be stressful. Don’t worry this Easter season because we’ve got you covered. Check out this collection of Easter design trends for some innovative ideas.

5. In the Spirit of Nourishment

300-Year-Old Church Gets a Michelin-Starred Makeover, Livingetc.

Is it just me, or does eating a good meal in a repurposed structure always provide a memorable experience? This restaurant fits that bill flawlessly as it was renovated from a 300-year-old Church and fitted with contemporary silhouettes, brass chandeliers and more. But don’t forget to pay special attention the church’s original woodwork. Browse through to see more.

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