4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen for Spring

At Architectural Ceramics, we often collaborate with local architects and interior designers to craft well-designed and personalized spaces. When working with Sagatov Design + Build, that meant creating a modern, rustic and bright farmhouse kitchen perfectly suited to their client’s style.

Let’s break the project down, one element at a time, to see how you too can brighten up your kitchen for Spring.

A modern and rustic farmhouse renovation, designed by Sagatov Design + Build; cement tile backsplash from Architectural Ceramics

Backsplash Tile

1Bright and bold, the backsplash tile grabs your attention. Infusing your home with a fresh Spring feeling doesn’t have to default to floral notes. Here, a geometric pattern sets the tone for the kitchen’s overall modern design aesthetic.

The tile comes from our specialty line, Sabine Hill, whose niche is hand-crafted cement tile work. Each tile is hand-painted, some to set patterns and preset color palettes, like the Tilt pattern in the third of six colorways, shown below.

Sabine Hill’s Tilt Pattern in Colorway 3. To view the other colorways from the Tilt Collection, or to view the artist’s full line, download a Sabine Hill Catalog here.

For the homeowner’s farmhouse style backsplash, they chose to customize the Tilt pattern, by creating their own colorway that mixes cream, white, blues and dijon yellow.

To explore how to create your own bright backsplash using the Design Your Own Tool, visit one of our DC-metro area showrooms locations and talk with an AC tile sales and design associate.

You can view other cement tile collections offered by Architectural Ceramics by using the Cement Tile Product filter on our website.


2Whether it’s installed as recessed can lights around the perimeter or as task lights over the island, lighting is a sure way to brighten up a space. It’s important to vary the lighting you use in the design based on how you use your kitchen.

A modern and rustic farmhouse renovation, designed by Sagatov Design + Build; cement tile backsplash from Architectural Ceramics

This perspective view of the homeowner’s kitchen highlights the various types of lighting used in the overall design. Each type carries out a different function while carrying light throughout the space.

The recessed cans and hanging glass pedants help with counter top tasks like food prep. The large frosted pendant brings light lower to the breakfast table. And natural light from the windows above the kitchen sink or from the window well above the refrigerator filter sunlight throughout the day.

Accent Seating

3Can’t quite commit to a bright backsplash like the one pictured above? Try using a bold color on your accent seating instead. The upholstered bar stools in this kitchen bring the dijon yellow from the backsplash into the rest of the space.

Upper Cabinets

4Do you have brightly colored dinnerware or serving pieces that you want to display? Use textured glass fronts or open shelves to lighten up some of your upper cabinets.

A modern and rustic farmhouse renovation, designed by Sagatov Design + Build; cement tile backsplash from Architectural Ceramics

Here, the homeowners used both open shelving and glass front upper cabinets to showcase their collection of dijon yellow serving pieces and everyday glassware. The tall bank of open shelves and glass front cabinets offers flexibility in storage and entertaining.

Tile, lighting, accent seating, and cabinetry — It’s possible to brighten up your kitchen for Spring by making a few design changes. Ready for a change? Call your contractor or designer now, their schedules fill quickly in the Spring. Or call one of our showrooms locations to schedule an appointment.

If you have a spring in your step and you’ve already made an appointment with AC, great! Then check out our blog: 6 Steps to Prep for an AC Appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

For questions about our Sabine Hill line and the kitchen project featured here, or to place an order, please contact sales@architecturalceramics.com.  Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines?  Join our newsletter here.

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