What’s New in Kitchen Backsplashes?

I have the privilege of seeing many of the projects that Architectural Ceramics designers put together.  I’ve noticed a major trend recently in kitchen backsplashes…stained glass (looking) mosaic tile.

I absolutely love this first one.  Tim White worked with Elite Kitchens to create this gorgeous ‘sea-life’ kitchen! With its earthy toned counter, white cabinets, and shades of green/blue glass tile backsplash it is like you’re laying on the beach. Browse Tozen if you like this look.

Elite Kitchens Custom Lunada  Bay Glass Backsplash

This is one of our stock stained glass mosaics (material: Lines Shades), looks great with the white cabinets and black counters!

Lines Backsplash

This is stained glass with a twist…putting stained glass in an actual pattern as if it were a window.  There are several patterns and colorways you can put together to match your kitchen. See our Devotion line.

Tang Backsplash

This is a little patchwork looking stained glass with various sizes and colors mixed in. These colors are all in style right now in the mosaic blend below: tan, white, blue, grey.

Tang Backsplash2

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