What’s New In Tile – Day 2

Another great day walking the show with my brother.   We had some nice meetings with vendors, walked the show, went to an Iris party afterwards,  then a nice dinner with Emil, then came back to the hotel to rest for another full day tomorrow!   Some trends that we saw…

1) Patchwork: Today was all about patchwork…I’m kinda bummed about this new trend because a year and a half ago I designed some patchwork concepts for ACI to stock in neutral tones rather than the typical spanish style bright color tones (neutral tones like white, grey, greige, beige, light blue, light green).  We didn’t move forward with the designs yet and now everyone is doing it!  Its okay though because I still love the look, and luckily we can get it 🙂

image image image

2) Paint In Tile: This was really neat.  This company takes a jpeg or vector file image or text of anything you want and prints it on tile.  You can do anything from a residential mural vanity wall with an image of your choosing (i.e. beautiful ocean scene) to commercial spaces with text / images.  Anything you can imagine  you can get printed on tile or “IN” tile as they told us!

imageMy favorite part of the day was coming back to the hotel and seeing this photo of my son that my husband posted on facebook with the caption “This guy makes my day”.


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