The difference between gray, grey, warm grey, beige, greige, and taupe

The difference between gray, grey, warm grey, beige, greige, and taupe

I really wanted to share Anne-Marie’s 10 Rooms blog with you guys because it does such a great job at explaining the differences between GREY, BEIGE, AND GREIGE.  Click the link above for details.

Below is a summary of her blog:

  1. Definition of GREY: black + white = grey or black + white + green/blue/purple = grey. 
  2. Definition of BEIGE: 
    white + red & or yellow + a little blue = beige.
  3. Definition of GREIGE: white + black + red & or yellow + perhaps a little blue = greige
  4. If it’s cool, with a blue, purple, or green tint, it’s a GREY.
  5. If it’s warm, with a red, orange or yellow undertone visible, it’s a BEIGE.
  6. And if it’s warm, but contains black, it’s a GREIGE (or as so many people say, a warm grey)

I guess I liked sharing the formulas since I have an engineering background, the equations help me visualize the color combinations! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The difference between gray, grey, warm grey, beige, greige, and taupe”

  1. Thank you very much for your explanation. I really appreciate it. I am “stumped”. I have cherry wood cabinets with a “bordeaux” stain, and a dark brown (name Nottingham) quartz countertop (with flecks of silver/grey, red, orange & black). It’s been 6 yrs and still no backsplash tile. I want something that’ll draw away from the “dark red” cabinets. I am tired of them, but no way possible to change them, due to $$$$$. Do you have any suggestions as far as tile I could use for the backsplash? Oooh, Also, I have stainless steel appliances, wall ovens and for windows, I have 2 windows between the counter & upper cabinets (rectangular glass block). Someone (a designer) recently told me the mosaic tiles of 1×1 are on it’s way out & also the long narrow strips of multiple glass, marble, stainless are also outdated. To choose glass tile like 3×12″ or 4×12″. I like it, but don’t know if I should choose the rough finish, the glossy finish, or the frosted finish. And also what shade or colour? If you could give me any suggestions, I’d appreciate it immensely. Thank You.

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks so much for the inquiry! Its really hard to tell what to suggest without seeing photos of your kitchen, however, if you would like to send some photos to me at I can get you set up with a talented designer that can help you out. Off the bat we would need to know the color of the wall paint as well. The designer you spoke to is right, no one is really doing 1x1s anymore…they are doing the more linear brick shapes like 3×6, 4×12, 3×12, 2×12, 6×12. Also people love our 6×24 culture brick, that sells like hot cakes. Glass tile is a good option, with dark counters and dark cabinets you want to do a backsplash that will lighten the room up. Check out our Naturals collection at this link, I suggest requesting a sample of colors Latte or Cliff to see if they would suit the colors you have: Another option of what is in style now is morrocan style tile in either ceramic or stone. We can show you some options because this is a specialty thing, but is really classic. I hope this was helpful. Sorry for the delay in responding…I just had a baby, he’s 3 weeks old 🙂 I’ll have to share some photos when I get a minute to blog more.


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